Friday, December 31, 2010

two thousand eleven

I've yet to make a resolution I think I can stick to. Last year I kept my promise of only wearing skirts/dresses to work so I think I'll have to make something quirky like that so I can keep to it. 2010 was so good that I don't really know how to improve on it. Oh, but I did a new camera for Christmas so maybe something do do with more photos. In the mean time I'm excited to wear my New Year's dress tonight!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gift Guide:Good On Paper

This year when I am browsing online for gift ideas I've really been drawn to prints, books, and other paper creations. Relatively inexpensive and lovely, I think these all make good gifts for friends.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amelie v. Carrie

I've been loving this series, Paris versus New York. Of course, this is one of my favorites.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slipper Time

I'm not a sock wearing kind of girl. Only if I'm going for a run or wearing boots, other than that I'm sock-less or in tights. However, two years ago I made a life changing purchase. Vera Wang cashmere slippers. My feet stayed in them all winter long. Then spring came, it warmed up, the sun came out and I noticed the cat hair all over them for the first time. So I threw them out. Next winter came and I made a new purchase of Vera Wang cashmere slippers. Well this time they were a little different and I thought more resilient to Isabelle fur but I still ended up throwing them out come spring. It's time again for slippers and last this time I want these: J.Crew knit ballet slippers.
I would swiffer my wood floor everyday to keep cat hair off of them!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ms. November

It's almost November and this is the perfect November dress. If only there were really fancy Thanksgiving parties...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kitchen Display: Wallpaper

I'm not always a wallpaper fan in kitchens but this is fresh and lovely. I like how the shelving and items almost blend in. For more examples visit thekitchn.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ms. Lankford wears skinny jeans!

That's what one of my students announced in the hallway one day recently where us teachers had the treat of wearing jeans. She was way too excited about it. But in the world of "teacher jeans" it could be rare sight (teacher jeans-sometimes almost as bad as mom jeans). Really I don't wear skinny jeans to school. They were my 2 year old (or older?) pair of Gap straight leg jeans but close enough. Until Monday I only owned 2 pairs of jeans. That pair and an even older (say college era even?) pair of Gap skinny jeans. I have to give the Gap some props for durable clothing since I have worn and washed these jeans who knows how many times by now. But really it was time for a new pair.

Gap jeans have always been the only pairs that worked for me. I used to try other stores, now I don't bother. I had seen a few pairs of the jean leggings on some other blogs and was thinking about those as well as some similar to my last pair. Then I found some with a zipper and despite them being way skinnier than my usual comfort level it was love at first try on.

And also the fact they were on sale and then on sale again at checkout made it even better. I didn't even see the legging pair til I was walking out of the store. I'm pretty sure I'll go back and try on a few more styles/pairs for another puchase as well. I need at least one more pair to last me the next 4 years or so.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kitchen Display: Pretty Floral Thermoses

I've been saving up good kitchen display photos but neglecting to share them! I love everything in this photo.

Friday, September 24, 2010

This makes the Honor Roll

I love a makeover. Pretty much any makeover themed show I can watch at least once. That is one reason I'm in love with this. The other is because it's a makeover for teachers! Not only a makeover but a really good decor makeover.

Now, in reality I rarely visit our teacher's lounge at school. Ours isn't even called a lounge, it's a workroom. There is no lounging going on in there. It's on the opposite side of the building, it's usually taken up by teacher assistants laminating, and why would I ever have time to hang out in the teacher's lounge?

This is a teacher's lounge I could make time for, this is the before (ours is much more modern but still rocking the white concrete slab walls and coke machine):

Here is the after...

wait for it...

Monday, September 20, 2010

For my overflowing bookshelf...

this would be a good idea. I have too many books and even at school my classroom library is overflowing. Love these invisible floating shelves.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fashion Week: Vintage Inspired Badgley Mischka Show

Badgley Mischka meets Ali MacGraw Headwraps- The pants already are a nod to the 70's and the head wrap and flowy top bring it all together. Also, thank you for styling the models with curly hair!

Also, a little bit Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver (hair, hat, midriff, hot pants, platform sandals!) :

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion Week: Monday

Finally something else to think about other than 4th grade lesson plans and such, it's Fashion Week!

I just briefly browsed today's shows but here was my favorite: Lela Rose

Jewel tones, ladylike small details, and side braids. Sadly my hair could never really rock the side braid.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


After a few cool mornings, having to find a sweater, and this photo I'm really ready for fall.
photo via design*sponge

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

kitchen displays:simple

Because most days I just want to remove my cabinet doors, grab a few cans of paint and do this:

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh!!! And a back to school dress!

Okay. I can't stop with just the shoes.

This is a back to school dress to match. *And it even has a school themed name!

Back to School Shoes

My lack of blogging can be blamed on getting things ready for my new 4th grade class. Not that I haven't managed to waste time in other ways here or there but most of my computer time has been spent looking at other teacher's really organized classrooms or making classroom job applications.

So after surviving my first day with my 17 (maybe, two did not show up) 4th graders, I just want to look at shoes for a few minutes.

Here are my favorites:
Wingspan Heels at Anthropologie

Now, come on first paycheck!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nashville Road Trip

I'm way excited about the final road trip of the summer. I've always wanted to go to Nashville. What can I say I had to listen to a lot of country music as a child and I don't mean that as a bad thing.

Oh, and we're seeing Arcade Fire at the Ryman, on Jon's birthday. Too exciting.

image via Rhiannon and her day in Nashville

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Isabelle and Photo Booth

There are some times when I realize I start to wonder if I take too many pictures of my cat. Tonight I randomly opened Photo Booth and realized most of the saved pics were of me trying to capture her cuteness when she (and the computer) were on my lap. She doesn't get on my lap too often and stay there for long so I try to capture it if I'm on the computer anyhow. I'm sure this won't be the last of the Isabelle/Photo Booth attempts.
Oh, and one of her sleeping on my pillow. Extra cute.

Kitchen Displays: Organization

Ever since last week's cake making session my kitchen has been a mess. I still have cake tools everywhere and can't seem to get the desire to have them organized. Then I saw this kitchen and had complete kitchen envy (open shelving, bright, pretty glasses and dishes, touch of pink).
I know what I'll be doing the rest of the day.

Sam's Kitchen 2

Sam's Kitchen
(via decor8 and see more of Samantha's lovely designs here)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

I've been saving up these pretty things for a long time. I believe that turning 25 is a good excuse to show them off!

1. Vintage Floral Dress from DearGoldenVintage
2. Countdown Heels from Seychelles
3. A Trip to the French Riveria inspired by
4. "I'll Swim to You" cute balloon diver card
5. Return Address Stamp-so pretty!- by Primele
6. Pretty Pretty Garland from Confetti System
7. St. Vincent Visual Mixtape Poster seen here

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mad Men Premiere Night!

In case you need to be caught up:

A few things I'm wondering about season 4:
Will Sally be forced any more into adulthood thanks to Don and Betty's lack of parenting skills?
(Remember when Grandpa Gene let her drive? ha!)

Will Sal come back and join the new company? They neeeed an art director! Plus, he needs to come back to deal with the confusion of his sexual orientation. And also, he's kinda my favorite.

Will Joan beat up on her husband some more? I have a feeling something will happen to him now that he's joined the army.

Will Peggy ever find a worthy enough mate? I love her but her choice in men is not the best. Her constant search for male approval kills me. Personally, I was always holding out for her and Father Gill. She's not one to be intimidated so it could have worked out. Well, if only her love child with Pete hadn't complicated matters.

This is sure to be an interesting season and I haven't even begin to think about how fabulous all of the clothes are going to be yet!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Favorites:Las Vegas

Las Vegas was pretty amazing. I mean, it is what it is and you gotta embrace that! So instead of doing a play by play of the trip's events I'll share with you my Las Vegas favorites.

Favorite Las Vegas Hotel and Casino- The Mirage
It's like the Garden of Eden inside. Not too over the top or themed out like many others. Also, they have LOVE. Any place that loves the Beatles wins in my book

Favorite Cheesy Las Vegas Attraction- Gondola rides at the Venetian
It was originally Jon's idea. He may deny this now, but it totally was. Who doesn't want a complete stranger faking an Italian accent singing "That's Amore" to you in front of hundred of strangers while paddling around a pool of colored water with a Floridian couple you just met? Now that's what I call amore.

Favorite Las Vegas Wax Figure- Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth from her 2nd marriage to Richard Burton days. She's always my favorite(this coming from a girl named Taylor Elise). Also, I don't think she's this tall.

My Favorite Las Vegas Beverage: Eiffel Tower Strawberry Margarita from Paris
Rachel and I were determined to finish this. We almost made it. As it turns out nearly no one sales Diet Coke on the strip so this massive drink was a clear winner.

Favorite Las Vegas Show: The Beatles LOVE|Cirque de Soleil
The best thing I've ever seen. Ever.

Best Las Vegas Slot Machine: Somewhere in the middle of the Golden Nugget
I put in $1 and in one pull of the lever I got $9. I then immediately cashed out. It's tempting not to keep going but I didn't want to ruin my one good gambling experience.

Favorite Las Vegas Wedding Beauty Crew: Amy-hair, Rachel-nails, Me-makeup

Favorite Las Vegas Wedding Couple: Heather and Robert (of course!)

Favorite Fellow Las Vegas Bridesmaids: Amy and Rachel
I can't really imagine attending a wedding without these ladies!

Favorite Las Vegas Wedding Date: Jon
Any boy that doesn't run far away when their girlfriend is forced to catch the wedding bouquet in the middle of Fremont Street because she is the only single girl in the group definitely deserves this title.

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