Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Favorites:Las Vegas

Las Vegas was pretty amazing. I mean, it is what it is and you gotta embrace that! So instead of doing a play by play of the trip's events I'll share with you my Las Vegas favorites.

Favorite Las Vegas Hotel and Casino- The Mirage
It's like the Garden of Eden inside. Not too over the top or themed out like many others. Also, they have LOVE. Any place that loves the Beatles wins in my book

Favorite Cheesy Las Vegas Attraction- Gondola rides at the Venetian
It was originally Jon's idea. He may deny this now, but it totally was. Who doesn't want a complete stranger faking an Italian accent singing "That's Amore" to you in front of hundred of strangers while paddling around a pool of colored water with a Floridian couple you just met? Now that's what I call amore.

Favorite Las Vegas Wax Figure- Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth from her 2nd marriage to Richard Burton days. She's always my favorite(this coming from a girl named Taylor Elise). Also, I don't think she's this tall.

My Favorite Las Vegas Beverage: Eiffel Tower Strawberry Margarita from Paris
Rachel and I were determined to finish this. We almost made it. As it turns out nearly no one sales Diet Coke on the strip so this massive drink was a clear winner.

Favorite Las Vegas Show: The Beatles LOVE|Cirque de Soleil
The best thing I've ever seen. Ever.

Best Las Vegas Slot Machine: Somewhere in the middle of the Golden Nugget
I put in $1 and in one pull of the lever I got $9. I then immediately cashed out. It's tempting not to keep going but I didn't want to ruin my one good gambling experience.

Favorite Las Vegas Wedding Beauty Crew: Amy-hair, Rachel-nails, Me-makeup

Favorite Las Vegas Wedding Couple: Heather and Robert (of course!)

Favorite Fellow Las Vegas Bridesmaids: Amy and Rachel
I can't really imagine attending a wedding without these ladies!

Favorite Las Vegas Wedding Date: Jon
Any boy that doesn't run far away when their girlfriend is forced to catch the wedding bouquet in the middle of Fremont Street because she is the only single girl in the group definitely deserves this title.

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  1. Per Gondolas:
    Once I saw how goofy it was, I was immediately backing out. Admit it. But, yeah. I gave in. Okay?

    I started to run away. But, where was I gonna go? Ha!

    Seriously, thanks. :)


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