Monday, March 29, 2010

pretty entrance

This would go in my apartment...if I had an entryway. I want that floor too.

and these Easter cookies!

Operation Nice

I want to print out twenty of these and tape them to my students desks. Better yet, cover every spare inch of wall space...
Postcards are here!
and maybe this one too.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Camping, revisited.

I've wrote about camping before but I had to bring it up again after seeing these pictures. No tiny tent for me thank you very much. I'll take that croissant with strawberry jam and cup of coffee on a polka-dotted table cloth too.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I've kept a journal for several years now and find it hilarious when I look back at things I wrote about. I mean, some events were actually hilarious but others are so because of the way I wrote about it. Really, it was that important that it was all I had to write about that day?!? Since the summer I've tried to keep up with writing at least one line a day and that usually works out. Some nights though all I want to write is "3rd grade is sooooo ____________." And then sometimes, like in the grocery store or driving around, I think of something really good to write about. I don't get around to it til bedtime though and then I'm too sleepy to focus or even worse, my pen dies.

Random side note on Sylvia Plath: I've read The Bell Jar one too many times and I've always liked her views on baths and how taking a bath solves the worse of problems. Problem: She suggests taking the hottest bath possible. Don't! It makes you feel sick. Believe me.

Friday, March 5, 2010


After coming down with the latest 3rd grade virus and spending all day in bed I decided to change things up a bit by laying on the couch and watching movies with good clothes. That's what I'm calling them because I'm starting to realize I only choose to see movies based on their costumes.

Tonight it was "Coco Before Chanel".

Now all I want to do is wear this:
Make my hair look like this and smoke a cigarette like this:
I'm not really one for smoking, but I have to admit she (and it pains me to say this) makes it look so chic!!!

And I want to walk around the streets of Paris dressed in boys pajamas (also, want that hair!).

Le sigh...maybe this will fulfill my Chanel fantasies (on a teacher's budget):

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Take that winter blues

It's March. It's snowing. I'm so tired of winter I can hardly stand it.

The best cure for winter spring clothes (that just happen to be blue)! That is why I was happy to see these on sale at Anthropologie. I've been wanting this cute little romper since forever. And the dress is really lovely too. Maybe this will get me through until it's 65 degrees and sunny...

Monday, March 1, 2010

favorite things: kitchen displays pt. 1

I love a cute kitchen display. I'm obsessed really. One reason I moved into my apartment was because of the shelves in the kitchen and the idea of setting up a cute display area. I so would move in a apartment just for that (and the big closet). Every time I find a cute display I save the photo. After seeing this kitchen today I realized I needed to share them. This first one is pretty amazing:
vintage posters, glass doors, and red chair

old rolling pins, cookie jars, scales and Matroyska dolls (almost reminds me of my kitchen!)

chalkboard wall, cute apron, bread, wine, and potatoes

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