Friday, September 11, 2009

I miss camping.


When I think of camping, I think of a camper with my grandma, applesauce, and seashells. This is because 2 weeks of every childhood summer was spent at a South Carolina beach campground. It was actually fancy as far as campgrounds go I suppose, indoor/outdoor pools, paddle boats, paved roads (where I first learned to ride a bike I should add), and an ice cream shop. It's been since high school since I went there. When my grandfather got really sick they sold the camper. It was like a huge part of my childhood was gone. It wasn't til I saw this most beautiful restored airstream that I realized how much I missed my campground summers.

I'm pretty sure I could live in here.34
How great is this? A portable store, a cute portable store?

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  1. wow! that's so cute. I'd love to go camping in that. "glaming as people call it. (glamorous camping). great post. i love your blog (:


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