Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Wardrobe Memory

The summer before 6th grade my dad took me shopping for back to school clothes while we were at the beach. In the girl's section (I was very tiny) of a department store I found this burnt orange corduroy skirt and plaid shirt by Calvin Klein. It was instant love. To go with this look, since it was quite a look for my 12 year old self, I bought some black mary janes which I felt were equally amazing. I loved it so much I wore it for the ride home. Keep in mind it was early August. Even though it was probably 90 degrees on my first day of school I was too anxious for fall and wore anyhow. I was sweaty but I liked to make a statement and loved that outfit.

In celebration of the first day of fall here is my grownup version of that fall inspired outfit.
Smartly Shaped BlouseMullion TightsRimpled CardiganScarf-Tied OxfordsLittle Larsen PostsCake Decoration Belt
Mulling Spice Corduroy Dress- Anthropologie $118 (and how autumn is the name of that dress?)
Smartly Shaped Blouse- Anthropologie $78
Mullion Tights- Anthropologie $18
Rimpled Cardigan- Anthropologie $78
Scarf Tied Oxford Mary Janes- Anthropologie$128
Little Larsen Posts- Anthropologie $28
Cake Decoration Belt- Anthropologie $38

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