Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Romper Day: Inside and Out

Each morning I hit snooze at least three times. I drift in and out of sleep (depending how much my cat wakes me up in those 9 minutes) and the only thing I really think that hard on is what I'm going to wear to work. For some reason I decided in January to only wear skirts/dresses to work and it's worked out well. I've only worn pants a few times on Fridays to raise money for Relay for Life. Though lately it's been tAdd Imageoo hot to wear jeans even then and I've still worn a dress. Plus, I can just move around the classroom better in dresses. I'm constantly having to run across the room for one reason or another...

What I'm getting at is, this morning I laid in bed thinking that I really wanted to wear this romper today. I've had it for nearly 2 weeks now and haven't worn it yet. That's crazy! It's been rather rainy lately though and not as warm as the weeks before. But rompers are so not teacher appropriate so I threw on my pencil skirt over it. At first I tried a printed skirt which looked fine but I not quite what I wanted today. Really, I can't believe this is all I think about first thing in the morning.

It was a good work outfit. A few kids told me "I like your dress!" and my sweetest little girl said "It makes me happy when you wear different things." Really, she said that! I could have eaten her up!

One problem. Going to the bathroom. The romper zips down the front. The skirt zips down the back. Quite the process. Then you end up basically naked which just feels weird at work.

Then I got home and almost instantly (after deciding to photograph this work to home transition) took the skirt off. So easy.

I'm a little too in love with this romper. Oh, and look at my cute hydrangeas!

romper-urban outfitters, skirt-Ann Taylor loft, shoes-modcloth, necklace- great-grandmother's

Kitchen Displays: Bright Simple Art

Found at Apartment Therapy, Better Homes & Garden, Oh Happy Day

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vegas Shoes

Have I mentioned that my friend Heather is getting married in Las Vegas this summer? Very exciting! The wedding is going to be at night at an outdoor chapel. For the bridesmaids, we are all picking out our own navy dress. Any style, just navy. After looking online and in stores for months I finally found mine at BCBG Max Azria. It's simple and yet a little retro (sweetheart halter neckline). The best part was that it was $80 marked down from $380!

I've decided that for this look I need some fancy shoes. Because (1.) the dress is very non fuss and (2.) it's Las Vegas!

Here's my dream choice. How Las Vegas is that? And Kate Spade! Sigh...a girl can dream I guess.

Heather already has her shoes picked out (they are pink!). I always love cute bride shoes.

I soooo have that red pair in my closet. The teal ribbon shoes I would wear everyday.

Lovely Weekend-cat naps, cupcakes, showers, and babies

I need to document my weekends more. Here is this weekend's events:

Isabelle napped.

I'm pretty sure I ate about 11 of Rachel's mini quiches at Heather's shower.

Maddox was happy the weather cooperated and he got to play in the grass.
Lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kitchen Displays- Vintage Canisters

I saw some really great canisters downtown the other week. One of them was labeled Tapioca. TAPIOCA!!! Great! These kitchens makes me want to go find them.

found at thekitchn, decor8, apartment therapy

Monday, May 17, 2010

She had a cat bed that she never used...

Jon told me I needed to document Isabelle's love for sleeping in odd places and at that very moment she was sleeping in the middle of my crafting scraps. By the time I got the camera and turned on the light she was a little more awake and less curled up to the scissors but it's still nonetheless a little funny. It reminds me a lot of Annie Clark.

If you're feeling crafty...

printable alphabet bunting flags free download wedding template for Ruffled
You really need no crafting skills for this at all. I'm using them for an upcoming social event that shall remain secret at the moment. More to come after this weekend :)

free printables from ruffled

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

outdoor movie night

I want to have a party like this!

found on ErinEverAfter

Kitchen Display: May Flowers

I love, love, love fresh flowers. It's an instant good mood coming into a room with nice flowers. Right now I'm loving the peonies I cut from my great-aunt's house on Mother's Day. They smell amazing! So from that inspiration, I found some pretty kitchen flower displays.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I've been very lucky to have such lovely women in my family- my great-grandmother, to my grandmothers (Betty Jean and Norma Elizabeth-how great are those names!), and my own mother. They are constant reminders to sit up straight, a good meal is nice but presentation is everything, and that a lady always reapplies her lipstick after a meal. Okay, maybe I'm not very good at following the lipstick rule but it's still a good one to aim for!

I just happened to find the loveliest vintage Mother's Day cards at a shop downtown. They were in a box with mostly birthday and get well cards but for some reason I just kept looking through them and found not only a cute Mother's Day (with a kitten!) but then a Mother's Day for grandmother card. Very nice find. The grandmother's card had a little note on the back handwritten from Helen in 1951. The kitten one is signed by Suzie J. who it appears has just learned cursive. The lady at the shop and I were dying over how cute it was that the little girl signed her name Suzie and then her last initial. I'm sure I can't be the only one who finds these used cards more endearing than anything I could find in Hallmark today.

Lunch at my grandmother's included Chicken and Dumplings and Strawberry Pie- so good. I also noticed that next door my great-aunt's Peony bushed were in full bloom and trimmed some off before I came home.
Up next is a cookout at my mom's and lemon meringue pie. So if you haven't already, go hug your mother (and grandmothers!)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Oh, Betty White

I always watched the Golden Girls when I was little. In college my roommate Kelsey and I would fall asleep
each night to back to back reruns. I even found her a Golden Girls t-shirt for Christmas!
That being said, I must have not seen all of the episodes because I don't remember this moment:

It'd be great if they used this in some way tonight on SNL.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All kitchens should be this fun

lovely pink kitchen of Anna Richardson found on Livingetc

Also, it's Cinco de Mayo have (or make) a margarita. I did and then Amy let me have half of hers. That's what friends are for :)

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