Sunday, April 27, 2014

this week:: 4.27.14

Weekend already over.  Jon and I did some new house furniture browsing.  We need a lot of things but will need to decide what we need the most first.  It's almost May!  May is the fastest month for teachers, which can be a good and bad thing.  Spring break always makes me so much ready for summertime.  We have a few good trips taking shape that I'm getting excited about. 

Here are some things I loved lately: 

This brought up a few tears.

I'm way too excited about new house things.  Even organizing the pantry.

Jon started a blog!  Music of course :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

New House!

Jon and I bought a house!  Woohoo!  I'll use that as my excuse for not blogging for the last month and a half although Jon did the majority of the nitty-gritty work being that he isn't surrounded by 21 little people all day.  It all happened pretty fast.  One weekend we went driving around a different neighborhood (Stonehaven), liked it, and started looking up some houses.  We went from "Could we buy a house?" to our final offer in what seemed like a few weekends.  Closing is on May 12 and I'll be filling up my New House Pinterest board til then.

The house is in pretty good shape so no huge projects will be needed immediately.  Mostly just painting.  I have no idea where to start with that.  In my last single girl apartment I painted a few rooms with my mom's help but the idea of having an entire house to paint and coordinate colors is slightly overwhelming.  It has been noticed that a lot of my favorite rooms I pin or find on blogs have white walls.  I love the idea of an entire white walled house but not sure it would work with the style of our new house.  We have about 2 weeks in between when we close and when we can move out of our current rental house in Plaza Midwood.  We plan on moving a small stuff a little at a time and hopefully I can get some painting done before everything is moved in.

There is one project I'm going to do first thing...paint this fireplace.  Here is a sneak peak:

Thank you, YHL for making me feel pretty prepared to take this on.  The light is great in this room (great room, den, family room?) and I love the ceiling beams.  And the little stained glass window!  Can't wait to see how a few layers of white paint will brighten it up even more.

It is a lot different than our current eclectic bungalow neighborhood but I think our new house has nice little touches of character for a house built in 1975.  I can't wait to get the keys and take pictures to share my favorite things.

Come on May 12!

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