Thursday, November 17, 2011

To: You From: Etsy

My favorite online thing of the holiday season? Gift Guides!
Almost every shopping site has them now.  The more specific you can get the better.  Need to know what to get your preppy yet outdoorsy mother?  Search no more! Anthropologie's is pretty good (that really isn't a description of my mother I was just being silly).  But this morning I found this: The Etsy Gift Guide.
Go on, link up to your Facebook account and it gives you ideas for every friend!  As if I need to know what to get the girl from my

Here are some perfect examples of why you should use this great, great invention.

For my brother Tyler, based on that he has Jackass listed as a favorite TV show (ugh, I know).
Vintage Nativity Donkey Chalk Ware  LARGE 5" HIGH
He'll love this adorable vintage nativity donkey!  An instant family heirloom.

For a best friend's ex-boyfriend who for some reason is still on my friend list? il_fullxfull.278197810.jpg
Well based on his love of video games, he'll love this Legends of Zelda necklace.  A little bittersweet don't you think?

Why am I still Facebook friends with an ex's roommate that I spoke maybe 3 sentences to?
Vintage Sweatshirt From Charleston, South CarolinaTo get him this sweet Charleston sweatshirt of course!

My mom loves reading.  This Powerful Tarot Love Spell will be perfect!  Also, how can you buy a love spell over Etsy?!? 
Powerful Tarot Love Spell - Think of me - Ritual PLUS Tarot reading

And, last but not least, my boyfriend.  Here is what Etsy has recommended:

No Recommendations Available. 

Seriously! This is one that actually could have worked. Thanks for nothing (except lots of good laughs) Etsy!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tis the Season

Now that Halloween is over, I'm happy to announce I can now start saving up for my holiday party dress of the season.  It may be a slim Christmas for some of you out there.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Wish List Pt. 1

Something happened to my closet over the spring/summer.  All my fall/winter clothes have vanished.  Not, completely but I have purged my closet and drawers of some worn out looks and now feel like I have nothing to wear.  I've bought a few new things but not nearly enough to last me throughout the winter months.  Here are a few things I'm loving today.
Lady Blouses:

Touches of Emerald:

Friday, September 2, 2011

100 Years of Style

Hello!  I've not been on here in ages it seems.  That is what moving to a new classroom and school starting can do to a girl.  But the first full week is over and a lovely three day weekend is ahead.  This is my new favorite youtube video:

My favorites are the 20's and 40's looks.  I'm not sure they really showed the best (and by best I mean worst) of the 90's though.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last Day of Summer, Portlandia, etc.

Today is my last day of summer break, how did that happen? I feel there are a hundred things I didn't get around to doing this summer that I meant to but it was a lovely summer all the same.

Since we got back from Portland I've been stressing over moving into my new classroom. It's finally starting to come together but I still have lots to do. I decided to take a little break this afternoon though to enjoy my last afternoon of freedom. I'll probably still work on school stuff but catch up on Project Runway while doing it.

Our Portland trip was lovely. Here are some highlights:

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Lucy


Also, Happy 100th Birthday Lucy! I can't imagine my childhood without you! No one will ever be that funny again.


Friday, August 5, 2011

1 August 5

What a fast and busy week this has been! Lots of birthday celebrating, a nice shopping/pampering day spent with Mom, and packing for Portland. We leave tomorrow!

Here is what I have been loving this week. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Different posters from my favorite movie.

I've never once wore the color orange, but this could make me want to start!

A kitten ring!

Pretty haircut.

DIY Cupcake Flowers


In case we get bored...

Friday, July 29, 2011

24 July 29

It's the weekend before my birthday! Also, known as the beginning of the end of summer. Once my birthday comes around it just seems like summer is over. At least I have our Portland trip to look forward to. We are leaving next Saturday and I can hardly wait! I've got to study up this next week on what to pack (Portland street style is just way too good) and where to eat/shop.

THIS weekend however, Jon and I are taking a pre-birthday mini-roadtrip to Raleigh to see Bon Iver tonight and then to my new favorite restaurant, Sweet Potatoes, in Winston-Salem for a pre-birthday dinner tomorrow night.
While we are on the subject on Bon Iver:
As soon as I saw his latest video I thought, wasn't that girl from America's Next Top Model? Apparently that is how my brain works.

Here are some things that caught my interest this week:

Trolley Depot Before and After Renovation-I'll be thinking about this for every abandoned building I see now.

Audrey and Givenchy AND Paris.



I could always use more wall art.

Now this is a map of Paris used as wall art! Also, I stole their sheet over the couch idea.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Caveat Emptor

I just got this dress in the mail. I was a little nervous how it would turn out.

I've been on a bit of a watercolor kick lately and so is the rest of the world too apparently...

Back to the dress though, it's definitely a little different than most of my closet (besides being a dress and from Anthropologie). I'm usually more of a solid color, smaller print floral, geometric print, stripes...kinda girl. This dress however, appeared at Anthropologie some time ago and I was very intrigued. I'm used to wearing lots of blue and red but orange, yellow, green and purple too?! I'm not sure if I ever even saw it in the store so I totally took a risk by buying it online when it went on sale.

Which leads me to my next topic-the wonder and danger of shopping apps. After getting my iPhone a few months back I downloaded the Shop Style app. On here, you can browse clothes, shoes, and accessories from any store you can name. You can also favorite items you like which is nice but my favorite part is the sale alert. The sale alert is perhaps the best/worst invention on my iPhone right now. If there is a certain item you like you may hit the $ sign and it will alert you by text when the item goes on sale. Dangerous right? As long as you don't tag too many items you should be good. On Monday morning my phone woke me up with an alert that this dress had just gone on sale. $148 to $79. Needless to say I hopped out of bed much faster than I ever have to my alarm clock. I couldn't decide right away if I should buy it or not having never seen in in person or tried it on but after reading the reviews I made up my mind. Luckily I did it before this color sold out. That's the thing about Anthropologie sales, you better act fast!

So how did it turn out? It was a great purchase. Fits perfect, very soft and the colors are beautiful. It should travel well too which is always a plus for summer trips. Of course sadly it's sold out now but they still had the blue color online last I looked.

Maybe sale alerts are a little bit like tatoos- you know how they say to draw out what you want, then hide it away for a month or two, and then if when you come back to it you still like it you should get the tatoo? I'm not sure if it's the same level of commitment but it worked in the case of this dress.

Monday, June 20, 2011

This would be lovely

I'm not one for blog contests, mainly because I'm too lazy to keep up with all the rules and so forth but this one is way to lovely to pass up...

You can see all the details at Oh Happy Day. But don't enter because I want to win!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I've always been able to admit that I am a complete Daddy's girl. I mean, you even drove a pink race car just for me. And even though I've explained what a blog is to you before, it's okay if you don't have any idea what I'm talking about. Love you!

When I look back at photos of my dad when I was little I now notice 2 things. 1. My dad would be a total hipster today. Dads are the Original Hipsters. 2. My brother Tyler looks so much like him! Crazy.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On a Roll

I've been in love with this print forever. I think I saw it at Ruche first but it was out of stock. Usually my rule is if they have it at Ruche they probably have it at Modcloth or vice-versa. Of course it was out of stock there too. Then today, I got my little notification that it was back in stock and they had only 1 small left! I've never made an online purchase so fast in my life. This will be my last online impulse purchase this week...I think.

Oh, and I got this dress just because it was already in my shopping cart and it's pretty much a perfect dress.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer Heels

I'm a little tired of wearing flat sandals all summer long. I've already invested in one good pair of summer heels and after seeing these on sale today I'm happy to add another pair to the shelf. And right after I got them they ran out of my size, talk about good timing.

You can never really go wrong with a pair of Seychelles. I sure did (and still) wear out these little flats last summer. Next on my list: red!

Friday, May 20, 2011

16 May 20

Happy Weekend! I'm excited about another weekend road trip to the mountains for a wedding.

Here are some favorites from this week:

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