Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chilly fall mornings and nights make me want...

my grandmother's homemade quilts piled on the bed

Sleepytime® Herb Tea - 20 ct
and Sleepytime Tea for well...sleepytime.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

old photographs need love


I always search through photos in antique stores. Then I get sad and walk away from them. But still I think that I should buy them all up and do something with them. Anything is better than having them sit in boxes I think. Maybe it's because I'm always looking through my family's old photos. I like knowing who everyone was in each one (luckily my family is good about labeling who's who on the back) and the stories behind them.

There are these photos of my grandmother and her sister in the snow on her parent's farm. They are wearing the shortest of shorts (for my grandmother in the 1950's) and they are posed next to a snowman. I'd seen this photo many times since I was little but it wasn't until last year that my grandmother told me that she had taken it to send to my grandfather and her sister's boyfriend (later husband) who was stationed in Japan during the Korean War. How great of a story is that? That is why I love old photos.

So I started buying some. This photo from Apartment Therapy inspired me to do so. We'll see what I'll come up with.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ready for tight weather.

Today has been the first intro day into fall. Very crisp and rainy. I went out shopping/looking for a bit and found myself gravitating towards the tights in each store.

Since tights are nearly always relatively cheap. They are one of my favorite ways to update an already existing outfit.

Here are some good ones:
the backseam sheer hose- free people, $18
Simply Vera Vera Wang Control-Top Tights

Vera Wang Tights- $7.99 (can't beat that!!!)


Pin Stripe Floral Tights- Urban Outfitters $14

Diamond Dots Tights- Anthropologie $28

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

cute bicycles

Everytime I see a picture like this I can't help but to want to buy a cute bike to get around downtown despite my fear of being run over by crazy drivers. Randomly, I also have a fear of being hit by a bike as a pedestrian (this came from all the crazy bikers on the sidewalks in college).

How chic! And she probably lives in Paris.
And it needs a basket.
And what is the rule about helmets?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Wardrobe Memory

The summer before 6th grade my dad took me shopping for back to school clothes while we were at the beach. In the girl's section (I was very tiny) of a department store I found this burnt orange corduroy skirt and plaid shirt by Calvin Klein. It was instant love. To go with this look, since it was quite a look for my 12 year old self, I bought some black mary janes which I felt were equally amazing. I loved it so much I wore it for the ride home. Keep in mind it was early August. Even though it was probably 90 degrees on my first day of school I was too anxious for fall and wore anyhow. I was sweaty but I liked to make a statement and loved that outfit.

In celebration of the first day of fall here is my grownup version of that fall inspired outfit.
Smartly Shaped BlouseMullion TightsRimpled CardiganScarf-Tied OxfordsLittle Larsen PostsCake Decoration Belt
Mulling Spice Corduroy Dress- Anthropologie $118 (and how autumn is the name of that dress?)
Smartly Shaped Blouse- Anthropologie $78
Mullion Tights- Anthropologie $18
Rimpled Cardigan- Anthropologie $78
Scarf Tied Oxford Mary Janes- Anthropologie$128
Little Larsen Posts- Anthropologie $28
Cake Decoration Belt- Anthropologie $38

Monday, September 21, 2009

Why are good curly hairstyles so hard to come by?

It is a little poofy but I'm really in love with this Clara Bow look from 1921.
Clara Bow

I've actually had this haircut before I think. Something about approaching fall weather makes me really want to cut off the hair I've been growing out all summer (not for any reason, I've just been to lazy for a haircut). I think it's because it looks cuter when it's short with jackets, scarves, and berets.

Friday, September 11, 2009

I miss camping.


When I think of camping, I think of a camper with my grandma, applesauce, and seashells. This is because 2 weeks of every childhood summer was spent at a South Carolina beach campground. It was actually fancy as far as campgrounds go I suppose, indoor/outdoor pools, paddle boats, paved roads (where I first learned to ride a bike I should add), and an ice cream shop. It's been since high school since I went there. When my grandfather got really sick they sold the camper. It was like a huge part of my childhood was gone. It wasn't til I saw this most beautiful restored airstream that I realized how much I missed my campground summers.

I'm pretty sure I could live in here.34
How great is this? A portable store, a cute portable store?

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