Sunday, September 27, 2009

old photographs need love


I always search through photos in antique stores. Then I get sad and walk away from them. But still I think that I should buy them all up and do something with them. Anything is better than having them sit in boxes I think. Maybe it's because I'm always looking through my family's old photos. I like knowing who everyone was in each one (luckily my family is good about labeling who's who on the back) and the stories behind them.

There are these photos of my grandmother and her sister in the snow on her parent's farm. They are wearing the shortest of shorts (for my grandmother in the 1950's) and they are posed next to a snowman. I'd seen this photo many times since I was little but it wasn't until last year that my grandmother told me that she had taken it to send to my grandfather and her sister's boyfriend (later husband) who was stationed in Japan during the Korean War. How great of a story is that? That is why I love old photos.

So I started buying some. This photo from Apartment Therapy inspired me to do so. We'll see what I'll come up with.

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  1. I did this - (mine is the top photo - but after awhile the corners of the photos started turning up and I was afraid that the pictures would be ruined. I would recommend scanning and printing copies on better paper if you do plan to do this. That way you keep the old photos safe. :)


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