Friday, October 30, 2009

I want to live here.

A lovely fall setting...
a sleeping nook with antique mirrors...
and lots of cabinets, especially a cute corner one!

Halloween's Past

Halloween used to be so much prettier.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bi-atch stole my look...

I haven't seen this movie but Ellen Page stole my look! 3 Halloweens ago, senior year of college, 3 of us decided to be girl scouts for Halloween in Chapel Hill. The other too made their outfits but I was feeling really authentic and I found a vintage girl scout dress from the 50's that I believe I paid $12 for. I still have it and can't part with it since I convince myself I will someday have another use for it. Too bad I'm the worst roller skater ever and will probably never join a roller derby league.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Mod Cloth is having a sale!

I just got the email and already a lot of the good stuff is going fast!

New Madeline Dress in Cardinal

I bought this dress back in the summer but have only worn it once which makes me sad since it's so adorable! And I really don't even have a decent picture of me in it and you can't even see the dress but it's a happy look.

And now after seeing this photo I'm really hoping I can get my hair cut off again by the end of this week.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Since everyone else is doing it...

Every time I walk into a store I see Christmas. Halloween isn't even here yet! But since I am sort of fond of Christmas and it really isn't that far off (the displays are really getting to me) here is a very lovely and not cliche holiday display. I could really leave this around my apartment all year long.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Hundred Dresses

We finished this book today in third grade. It was written in 1944 and deals with tolerance, courage, and kindness. My students all clapped when we finished it. It almost brought tears to my eyes!

The illustrations and the story are the loveliest. Cover Image

Childhood Outfits Revisited part 2

In 7th grade I was in public school for the first year of my life and the most exciting social event of all middle schoolers was the Christmas dance. We had a dance about once a month it seemed but this one was fancier than the rest. I can only remember two things about this night. Right before going to the dance I had my long hair cut off very drastically. And I had this really fabulous navy dress with black velvet. Seeing this Anthropologie dress instantly took me back to 7th grade and standing around in a circle with my 7th grade friends. No one really danced that much, we just would stand in circles thinking about dancing.

Here is my grown up nod to such an evening. This time with sparkly accessories.
Bookends NecklaceSerpentine Shimmer Headband

Monday, October 19, 2009

Costume Gala

Every Halloween I hypothetically think of what I would want to dress up as although I have not dressed up since college and have no reason to dress up for anything now. As a kid I had the best costumes. There were a few Disney princess looks (long before Disney princesses were all the rage) with the Little Mermaid and Jasmine. One year I was a bride and continued to wear my faux satin lacy skirt with every top I owned long into the summer. Nearly every photo from that year includes this look. Also, a lot of my dance costumes got a lot of wear as Halloween looks as well. Oh, and there was the year my mom and I got creative and I was a bag of jelly beans- clear garbage bag, colorful balloons, one long night of getting in and out of the car in a huge costume!
This Halloween I'll probably be handing out candy to the neighborhood (and non-neighborhood kids that come through because I live on the street with the biggest houses in town) kids. But it would be fun to dress up and if I did this is where I'd get my inspiration from:

First up: Little Edie
Pretty simple, although over the top look.
Need: scarf secured with a large broach, skirt/cape...oh hell, let Edie tell you herself:

I'll try to come up with some more looks in the near future.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

one line a day

I keep a real journal too. You know, the kind where you actually write down things. I have come to find out that I really enjoy good at writing down minute details of day to day life and even analyzing my very strange dreams and then looking back at them a year later and laughing out loud. But I'm only really good at this in the summer time. Once teaching starts back I get into bed and although I think about picking my journal up from beside my bed, I'm too tired to pick up a pen. So besides the occasional rant or rave I'm not good at journaling unless I have lots of free time. That's why I got really pumped up about the One Line a Day journal I saw on Mod Cloth. I think I'm going to try it out in my own for awhile. Just so I get something written down. And I'm already promising myself that they can't be school related, unless it's something really funny a student said.
One Line a Day Journal

Monday, October 12, 2009

red beret

I wish it was cool enough to break out the red beret already.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

October Tour

October Tour is one of the best parts of living in downtown Salisbury. Each year the Historic Foundation picks out about 10 or so homes (out of many lovely potentials) in the downtown area to be on the tour. I somehow missed out on this bit Salisbury life until 2 years ago when my grandmother and I decided to go together.

In the one year I have lived downtown I've discovered so much more about this town that I've lived in my entire life. There is really a lot of good history and culture hidden about in its many nooks and crannies. The history buff in me totally comes out and I get overly excited at learning little tidbits of history about Salisbury.

Today I toured the homes with my mom, my friend Amy, and her mom. It was a very mother-daughter event that we couldn't believe we hadn't thought of earlier.
On our way down Bank Street to two of the homes on the tour we passed by a row of houses that were originally included in the Confederate prison that occupied these blocks during the Civil War. It's hard to tell if they are occupied or not but they have good bones. Since one end of this block is getting more attention to renovators it would be nice if these homes would get some love as well.

Notice the sign outside the house above. There were ones at each house which created a little poem about how the block is changing. This is the point where Amy and I realized we needed to start taking some photos.

This house gets to me for some reason. I pass by it all the time and think it could be so great. However, I'm not sure how long I'd want to clean up the ivy growing INSIDE OF THE HOUSE! (Look in the left downstairs window!)

A lot of the homes were saved from bad owners that turned them into offices, duplexes, beauty salons, etc.
These next two Bank Street homes are good examples of that:
This lovely home is actually for sell! It's been fully restored and has a kitchen to die for. Also, it has a cute little cottage behind it which hasn't been fully restored yet but would make a really cute little guest house. Or bakery...but that's just me.

On the walk back into town, we passed by the most unique little garden I've ever come across. A wheelbarrow in the sky, paint brushes hanging from branches, and garden tools lining the gate...

In 1972 the next door electric company wanted to tear down this house to build a parking lot. This is my favorite house to look at when I walk downtown. I dream about living in that round room. I want to eat breakfast on the little upstairs porch.

And who could not love a house this grand? Especially when the docents dress up like they could be extras in Gone With the Wind. I've visited the Hall House many times since my first trip as a field trip in the 4th grade, but I always learn something new each time I go.

Somehow, I managed not to take photos of my favorite home, a Arts and Craft stone bungelow from the turn of the century. However, I'm getting the chance to work as a docent there tomorrow afternoon so I'm sure I'll come back with more stories and info then.

If you live in the area and have a free Sunday afternoon then you should really come stroll through!

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