Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Childhood Outfits Revisited part 2

In 7th grade I was in public school for the first year of my life and the most exciting social event of all middle schoolers was the Christmas dance. We had a dance about once a month it seemed but this one was fancier than the rest. I can only remember two things about this night. Right before going to the dance I had my long hair cut off very drastically. And I had this really fabulous navy dress with black velvet. Seeing this Anthropologie dress instantly took me back to 7th grade and standing around in a circle with my 7th grade friends. No one really danced that much, we just would stand in circles thinking about dancing.

Here is my grown up nod to such an evening. This time with sparkly accessories.
Bookends NecklaceSerpentine Shimmer Headband

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  1. Awww...the fun of middle school dances. And remember...they even sold "real" pizza.


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