Wednesday, October 14, 2009

one line a day

I keep a real journal too. You know, the kind where you actually write down things. I have come to find out that I really enjoy good at writing down minute details of day to day life and even analyzing my very strange dreams and then looking back at them a year later and laughing out loud. But I'm only really good at this in the summer time. Once teaching starts back I get into bed and although I think about picking my journal up from beside my bed, I'm too tired to pick up a pen. So besides the occasional rant or rave I'm not good at journaling unless I have lots of free time. That's why I got really pumped up about the One Line a Day journal I saw on Mod Cloth. I think I'm going to try it out in my own for awhile. Just so I get something written down. And I'm already promising myself that they can't be school related, unless it's something really funny a student said.
One Line a Day Journal

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