Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blo Date

I have curly hair and I love it.  Every curly girl has a dark history though and here is mine:

In middle school I would spend hours blow drying and using a very primitive straightening iron to smooth things out the best I could.  I did this at night because who has time to do that each morning. I had a trusty round brush and a huge paddle brush.  And the products, oh, there were lots of products.    Then I wore it curly one day.  People complimented me.  A lot.  Thank goodness for that. I would have ended up with carpal tunnel for sure.  Using a round brush and a blow dryer on these curls is no joke.

Sometimes though, I want to shake it up a bit.  So, on a whim I made an appointment at Blo Charlotte.  For a girl who hasn't touched her hair with a blow dryer or curling/straightening/ironing device in over 5 years, I think that paying some dear soul $35 is totally worth it.  I had read about "dry bars" and was very curious when I saw one open up in Myer's Park in the past year.  Valentine's Day seemed like a good occasion and I made an appointment after school that day.

I'll share the results.  Here is to hoping it won't rain.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

this week (and last)

Still getting back in the habit of writing.  Here is some things I liked lately:

I used to think about taking dance classes again.  Glad I'm not the only one.

This little cart is kinda perfect.  So many uses! I would love it for my classroom, kitchen, bathroom...

How amazing is she and this dress???

And then she wore this one?!?!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Planned Out

Last week it became very clear I needed a planner.  I'm pretty much a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl- What is for dinner tonight? No idea.  Maybe I'll go to yoga after school, nah, maybe in the morning.  Etc. Etc. That doesn't always work out anymore these days.  So, to Target I went to invest in a planner/calendar/something.

I found a cute display and picked out this one that I later found out was by Sugar Paper.  I've seen there work around the blogosphere for awhile now most recently with their J.Crew Bridal line of stationary.  So far (one week in, ha) I'm loving keeping up with my little calendar.  Cute colored Sharpies also help add to the fun.  I have a 5 color code going on now- Pink-Jon, Blue-work, Teal-yoga, Coral-friends, Black-what's for dinner.  Hoping I can keep it up.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

This Week:: 1.12

First full week of 2014, right?  It seems like 2014 is already old news.

It was a lot easier transitioning to going back to work after a 2 week Winter Break when you have two 2 hour delays because of the Polar Vortex.  Still hoping for at least a real snow day this year.

Until then, here are some favorites this week:

1. I make silly resolutions.  Once it was to wear nothing but dresses or skirts for a year.  I did it.  This year my silliest is to make at least one cute/over the top cake a month.  "Spend more time with cake" is a better way of putting it.

2. Speaking of baking, before I get back to it I plan on organizing my pans like this to avoid the deathtrap that is the baking pan cabinet in my kitchen.

3. Did you grow up in a naked family?  Made me laugh.

4. Can't wait to watch these two Sunday night

...after a Panther win of course.

5.  Jon and I took this quiz while waiting on Downton Abbey last Sunday.  We disagreed over some answers but in the end were Mary and Matthew.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Wedding Day- Part Two

Now for Part 2: Vows, Fried Chicken, and Dancing.  

As I was selecting these photos I kept thinking, "Oh, that was one of my favorite things" over and over.  
Here is a short list, sorta like a wedding photo scavenger hunt:

-The Weather-Who knows what a late September day in mountains may bring-  50's and rain? Snow??? Luckily it was 68 and partly cloudy. Perfect.  I did go on a last minute shopping trip (Anthropologie to the rescue) for a cute sweater to wear in case it was cold that night.  It got into the 40's after the sun went down and while most other girls stayed by the fire I was oblivious, obviously too happy, to notice I was cold.

-The Cake- Exactly what I wanted.  Simple. Vanilla Cake with Buttercream. Flowers. Oh, and some strawberry jam filling :) We also had other desserts: Peach Cobbler, Hummingbird Cake, and Pecan Pie. 

-Wedding Quilt- I dreamed up this crazy idea of having a Guest Quilt.  Luckily Jon's mom and good friend Alice are quilting geniuses and were able to make it happen.  It is finished now and amazing.

-Cheerwine- This was a must have.  Jon, friends, family, and Cheerwine in a bottle. A Salisbury girl has to stay true to her roots! 

-Blue Ball Mason Jars-  While reading way too many wedding blogs while planning, some claimed mason jars had been overdone.  Too bad I'd been planning on using them before it was a trend.  My grandmother gave me a small collection of jars my grandfather had saved up and I knew they would be used at my wedding.  When I saw the "family" long table with them and many more we collected running all the way down it, I cried!  They were perfect with the flowers Peggy had arranged.  It was really one moment where I had to slow down and take it all in.

-Photo Wall- All Jon's idea and a surprise to guests.  The Rifle Paper Co. heart print in the middle was my color inspiration for the wedding and a birthday gift from Jon before the wedding.  We looked high and low for vintage frames to showcase our friend's and family's own wedding photos.  Jon and I sat right in front of it and loved watching everyone's reactions.

-Jukebox Place Cards- Another Jon creation-we had to fit his love of music in (besides the playlist he spent the entire engagement perfecting).  For each guest we (mostly him, a little me) thought of two songs (either one of their favorites or something to fit their personality).  This project ended up coming down to the wire and at times I thought this is too much but it was so worth it.   

-Firepit- Danielle, the coordinator, kept bringing this up and we finally thought it would be a good idea.  It was.  S'more kits for favors.  Lots of rocking chairs and quilts to keep warm with.  

-FOOD- Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Pulled Pork, Cornbread, Collard Greens, Corn on the Cob, Mashed Potatoes...  When people told me it was the best wedding food they had ever had I considered the entire day a success on that alone.  Chef Andrew made amazing food for us all weekend.  He told my grandmother this was his favorite menu to prepare and it was easy to see why.  

-Toasts-I totally underestimated how much I would love these.  Rachel was hilarious.  I laughed, I cried, everything.  You know it was a good toast when the next time you walk by your principal's table she wants to know more about your skinny dipping adventures.  My dad totally surprised us all.  He is quiet like me and must have practiced a lot.  It was sweet and I was so proud.

When people told Jon and I that your wedding day goes by in a flash, they weren't kidding.  I thought I was prepared for that part of it but it still happened so quickly.  We already have our anniversary booked at the Mast Farm Inn and I can't wait to go back.  It's cliche and after this I'm done sharing wedding momentos -probably :)- but it was my favorite day.

Oh, and our first dance song:
Tougher Than the Rest- Springsteen cover by Camera Obscura

Photographer: Jon Black of Matt Powell Productions; Venue- The Mast Farm Inn, Valle Crucis, NC; Taylor's Dress- Robert Bullock via Bellissima, Veil- Jennifer Leigh, Shoes-Seychelles, Hair Pin- Jennifer Behr, and Earrings- Anthropologie; Mom's dress- Siri; Bridesmaids Dresses- Modcloth; Flowers- Pearl's Garden; Hair- Shear Shakti; Makeup- my aunt :); Food-Chef Long at The Mast Farm Inn; Cake-The Mast Farm Inn; Musicians- The Forget-Me-Nots

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