Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blo Date

I have curly hair and I love it.  Every curly girl has a dark history though and here is mine:

In middle school I would spend hours blow drying and using a very primitive straightening iron to smooth things out the best I could.  I did this at night because who has time to do that each morning. I had a trusty round brush and a huge paddle brush.  And the products, oh, there were lots of products.    Then I wore it curly one day.  People complimented me.  A lot.  Thank goodness for that. I would have ended up with carpal tunnel for sure.  Using a round brush and a blow dryer on these curls is no joke.

Sometimes though, I want to shake it up a bit.  So, on a whim I made an appointment at Blo Charlotte.  For a girl who hasn't touched her hair with a blow dryer or curling/straightening/ironing device in over 5 years, I think that paying some dear soul $35 is totally worth it.  I had read about "dry bars" and was very curious when I saw one open up in Myer's Park in the past year.  Valentine's Day seemed like a good occasion and I made an appointment after school that day.

I'll share the results.  Here is to hoping it won't rain.

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