Monday, November 30, 2009

Gift Finder

I always love Holiday Gift Finders on websites. It's sorta like a fun Christmas survey. However, I've never actually bought anything recommended by them since I've never had one be that accurate.

My friend's and I have a "Secret Santa" party every year (since 10th grade) and I filled it out with my Secret Santa in mind. Keep in mind that I've already bought half of my Secret Santa's gift from before-mentioned store. And after filling out the fun little questionaire, it actually recommended my gift! Pretty exciting I thought.

So if you have a Anthropologie loving friend on your gift list (me!) or if you want to do it for yourself, which is also very fun, try it out!

Here are my own gift recommendations:
Sally GlovesBird-In-Hand Rolling Pin
Sally Gloves-$68 Bird in Hand Rolling Pin-$24 (Ahem...I really love this!)
Rainbow Drops NecklaceWisps & Wings Barrette
Rainbow Drops Necklace-$48 Wisps and Wings Barrette-$18
The Littlest Coin PurseDomino: The Book Of Decorating
The Littlest Coin Purse-$16 Domino: The Book of Decorating-$32 (yes, please)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Expensive (good) taste

My mom and I have a joke that we can be thrown in a room full of clothes and told to pick out anything we want and unknowingly we will pick out the most expensive item. We can't help it! We have expensive taste!

Here is a good example:

The inspiration:

The Much Cheaper Options:
urban horseriding boots
Product Image Women's Mossimo® Kady Boots - Cognac
Kady Boots-$29 (in cognac, grey, and black!) at Target

The Target boots really seem like a great steal. I might end up getting these in the grey. The Ruche boots are cute too but I'm still really leaning towards the Steve Maddens. I'll put them on my Christmas list, my mom will understand.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

it's officially time...

for Christmas decorations!

Although it will be a few more weeks til I get my real tree, I put up my mini-silver tree yesterday morning (much to the excitement of my cat). Last year she was able to crawl up in there but so far this year she only likes sitting next to it while it's lit far...

Since downtown Salisbury has their decorations up now I was really in the festive spirit yesterday morning. Getting out the tree and my Martha Stewart sparkly silver wreath was about as far as I got though. Even though my little tree is in the back bedroom/office, you can still see it from the road (I drove by twice to see it) and you can see it from Ellis Street behind me! My next door neighbors put their tree up today so I don't feel that I'm too early.

Here is some other holiday inspiration:



Anthropologie window display (of course!)

oh, Martha

Friday, November 20, 2009

weekly pretty things

I've been blogging around a lot this week.
FRYD + Design
Faire Houre
Love this couch and clock.
still 3
roundup 2
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
glittery flats (for $10!)

Vintage 1960's 50's Mad Men New York City Elopement at City Hall by Jen Huang Photography
Vintage 1960's 50's Mad Men New York City Elopement at City Hall by Jen Huang Photography
And the bride wore blue. (love this Mad Men inspired NYC elopement)

project runway letdown

I was really sleepy last night but still stayed up til 11 to see who won Project Runway. Overall I was disappointed with this season. No one was over the top enough for me (I miss the Austin Scarlett, Santino, Christian types). I was always a Carol Hannah fan though. She's so cute and from Charleston which was enough to win my affection. Then...I stayed up til 11, to see lame Irina win. Ugh, she never did anything that really impressed me and she is mean. How does that happen?

Anyhow, I saw this dress yesterday on Etsy and after clicking on it was ecstatic to see that it's Carol Hannah's shop!
Weekend Art Walk Skirt and Top Bundle
This one is cute too.
SALE Calhoun Street Jersey Dress- Palm Green in size XL

Thursday, November 19, 2009

buy a coat and live

How lovely is this story overheard at a Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova (The Swell Season & Once)

"A few weeks ago, Glen was in Chicago for the tour. As he came down the elevator in the morning, an older woman, perhaps 70, in a bright blue coat joined him. He described her face thusly: "You know how you have the face you were born with until you're 25, then from 25 to 40 you have the face that earn, and from 40 to death you have the face you deserve? Well, this woman was beautiful at 70, just one of the most beautiful faces, she definitely had one of those faces you earn." And as he looked over at her, he felt the need to compliment her coat, and so he did. And she got so excited and touched, responding, "Thank you for noticing my coat. This coat means so much to me, thank you for noticing. I bought this coat when I decided to live again. I loved the color and wanted to live. I didn't leave my apartment for two years, and when I did, when I decided to live, I bought this blue coat." Glen was a little surprised and a little touched, and he helped her with her bag to the taxi. As they got to the taxi, she started to tear up and the words started rushing out like when you've had a moment of kindness that unlocks all the emotions that have been sitting around for ages. And she said, "My son died in that tower. He quit on September 10 and went back the next day to pick up some last things. I meant to call him and tell him not to bother going back, but I slept late. And then I didn't leave my apartment for two years. And then I finally decided to buy this coat and live, and you noticed it."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

In need of happier days

Today was rough. 50+ third graders on a walking tour in downtown Salisbury in the rain. I won't get into the details but it wasn't pretty.

These things are making my day happier.
On the way home, the hot light was on. It was a very easy decision to make...

I sing this song in my head all day long.

so you think you can dance season 6 top 20
Bad guilty pleasure tv instead of lesson planning. (how ridiculous is Tyra in this shot?)

And this headband makes me happy. Ahem...Christmas is right around the corner :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

21 school days til Christmas

That's right, I'm starting the countdown!

On my way home from work this afternoon a house down the street had hung their Christmas wreaths and put Santa in a sled on their front porch. Thanksgiving is next week which means it really is getting close to Christmas! Too bad my cat will probably break every ornament I own this year (she was only a kitten last year and only meddled with the tree slightly) but I still really want these:

Saturday, November 14, 2009

mirror, mirror on the wall

The first thing I bought when I moved into my apartment over a year ago was this really lovely mirror. I had big plans to do a antique mirror collage on the one wall in my bedroom. One year and three months later I still only had the one mirror hung. It looked so lonely. I see mirrors from time to time in antique stores that I almost buy but then can't commit.
But all of that changed today! I was wondering around and went into the Salisbury Emporium which is full of a lot of good antiques. My favorite booth is in the basement in the back corner and everything is very feminine and pretty. I found the mirror for $14 and also some vintage peacock Christmas ornaments for $10.

The only tools I own are a hammer and a little package of picture hanging accessories that I found under the sink after I moved in. So I felt really productive hanging it up myself.

Friday, November 6, 2009

finally (part 2)



Remember my original inspiration?

Clara Bow

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

red lips

I've always had a quite red lip obsession. I don't really even consider any other lip color. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way...

How chic is she?

Here is my technique:
Benetint Pocket Pal and/ortarte%20cheek%20stain.jpg


I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. A major one. It's been since June and is long overdue.
The after will be coming up tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I love a doily.

1. Doily Banners
2. Doily Curtains
3. Doily Bowl
4. Okay, so I really love doily banners.
5. Doily Collar

6. Doily Wrapping Paper
7. Doily Dress

8. Doily Clutch

9. Doily Necklace
10. Doily Cake!!!

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