Saturday, November 14, 2009

mirror, mirror on the wall

The first thing I bought when I moved into my apartment over a year ago was this really lovely mirror. I had big plans to do a antique mirror collage on the one wall in my bedroom. One year and three months later I still only had the one mirror hung. It looked so lonely. I see mirrors from time to time in antique stores that I almost buy but then can't commit.
But all of that changed today! I was wondering around and went into the Salisbury Emporium which is full of a lot of good antiques. My favorite booth is in the basement in the back corner and everything is very feminine and pretty. I found the mirror for $14 and also some vintage peacock Christmas ornaments for $10.

The only tools I own are a hammer and a little package of picture hanging accessories that I found under the sink after I moved in. So I felt really productive hanging it up myself.

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