Sunday, November 22, 2009

it's officially time...

for Christmas decorations!

Although it will be a few more weeks til I get my real tree, I put up my mini-silver tree yesterday morning (much to the excitement of my cat). Last year she was able to crawl up in there but so far this year she only likes sitting next to it while it's lit far...

Since downtown Salisbury has their decorations up now I was really in the festive spirit yesterday morning. Getting out the tree and my Martha Stewart sparkly silver wreath was about as far as I got though. Even though my little tree is in the back bedroom/office, you can still see it from the road (I drove by twice to see it) and you can see it from Ellis Street behind me! My next door neighbors put their tree up today so I don't feel that I'm too early.

Here is some other holiday inspiration:



Anthropologie window display (of course!)

oh, Martha

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