Monday, November 2, 2009

The Grown Ups

Mad Men: Paul Kinsey, Ken Cosgrove, Pete Campbell, Harry Crane

How good is Mad Men getting? I've been wondering how the writers would address Kennedy's assassination all season. The Grown Ups" did a nice job of showing how various characters reacted to the news in their own way.

Besides all of the JFK scenes:
*Duck and Peggy are having lunch hookups? Eww.
*I like Margaret's wedding headpiece-
*And when is Joan going to kill off her pathetic husband and come back to work?!?
Mad Men - Joan is smashing!
(maybe my favorite moment all season)

Only one episode left!!!


  1. Agh! I wonder how long it will be until Season 3 in on DVD. We just finished Seasons 1 and 2 (and most of the audio commentaries, too, lol), but now we're just looking at each like, "What do we do now?"

  2. Maybe not too long. I caught up on some missed episodes of Season 2 last summer and it had been out already for a little bit I think. I don't know what I'll do once the season is over next Sunday, maybe go to bed earlier I suppose!


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