Friday, November 20, 2009

project runway letdown

I was really sleepy last night but still stayed up til 11 to see who won Project Runway. Overall I was disappointed with this season. No one was over the top enough for me (I miss the Austin Scarlett, Santino, Christian types). I was always a Carol Hannah fan though. She's so cute and from Charleston which was enough to win my affection. Then...I stayed up til 11, to see lame Irina win. Ugh, she never did anything that really impressed me and she is mean. How does that happen?

Anyhow, I saw this dress yesterday on Etsy and after clicking on it was ecstatic to see that it's Carol Hannah's shop!
Weekend Art Walk Skirt and Top Bundle
This one is cute too.
SALE Calhoun Street Jersey Dress- Palm Green in size XL

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