Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Romper Day: Inside and Out

Each morning I hit snooze at least three times. I drift in and out of sleep (depending how much my cat wakes me up in those 9 minutes) and the only thing I really think that hard on is what I'm going to wear to work. For some reason I decided in January to only wear skirts/dresses to work and it's worked out well. I've only worn pants a few times on Fridays to raise money for Relay for Life. Though lately it's been tAdd Imageoo hot to wear jeans even then and I've still worn a dress. Plus, I can just move around the classroom better in dresses. I'm constantly having to run across the room for one reason or another...

What I'm getting at is, this morning I laid in bed thinking that I really wanted to wear this romper today. I've had it for nearly 2 weeks now and haven't worn it yet. That's crazy! It's been rather rainy lately though and not as warm as the weeks before. But rompers are so not teacher appropriate so I threw on my pencil skirt over it. At first I tried a printed skirt which looked fine but I not quite what I wanted today. Really, I can't believe this is all I think about first thing in the morning.

It was a good work outfit. A few kids told me "I like your dress!" and my sweetest little girl said "It makes me happy when you wear different things." Really, she said that! I could have eaten her up!

One problem. Going to the bathroom. The romper zips down the front. The skirt zips down the back. Quite the process. Then you end up basically naked which just feels weird at work.

Then I got home and almost instantly (after deciding to photograph this work to home transition) took the skirt off. So easy.

I'm a little too in love with this romper. Oh, and look at my cute hydrangeas!

romper-urban outfitters, skirt-Ann Taylor loft, shoes-modcloth, necklace- great-grandmother's

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