Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I've been very lucky to have such lovely women in my family- my great-grandmother, to my grandmothers (Betty Jean and Norma Elizabeth-how great are those names!), and my own mother. They are constant reminders to sit up straight, a good meal is nice but presentation is everything, and that a lady always reapplies her lipstick after a meal. Okay, maybe I'm not very good at following the lipstick rule but it's still a good one to aim for!

I just happened to find the loveliest vintage Mother's Day cards at a shop downtown. They were in a box with mostly birthday and get well cards but for some reason I just kept looking through them and found not only a cute Mother's Day (with a kitten!) but then a Mother's Day for grandmother card. Very nice find. The grandmother's card had a little note on the back handwritten from Helen in 1951. The kitten one is signed by Suzie J. who it appears has just learned cursive. The lady at the shop and I were dying over how cute it was that the little girl signed her name Suzie and then her last initial. I'm sure I can't be the only one who finds these used cards more endearing than anything I could find in Hallmark today.

Lunch at my grandmother's included Chicken and Dumplings and Strawberry Pie- so good. I also noticed that next door my great-aunt's Peony bushed were in full bloom and trimmed some off before I came home.
Up next is a cookout at my mom's and lemon meringue pie. So if you haven't already, go hug your mother (and grandmothers!)

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