Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to upgrade the ugliest bathroom window ever

Remember my bathroom re-do? You know the random morning where I had had enough of my ugly bathroom wallpaper and ripped it down without permission from my landlord? Well I am just now finally finishing what I started- one of the benefits of teaching and having summers off.

I'll get to the wallpaper cleanup later but while I was in the middle of cleaning the walls I finally had enough of this: the ugliest bathroom window EVER.

I took my elbow and knocked down the rusted curtain rod knocking it down beige, unevenly cut shower curtain and all. It didn't take much effort, believe me.
Then I did a little dance and threw it in the trash.

Then I promptly found a screwdriver and removed the rusty blinds. Oh my goodness how I hated these blinds.

I didn't think too much about what I was going to do with the window at the time. That thought started the next morning when I went to take a shower and realized "Oh, shit, everyone can see me naked." Later when I was outside I noticed that during the day it's basically impossible to see in the window from the outside due to it's height, the screen, and fact that it's in the shade. Still, I needed a window plan because it still feels weird being able to watch baby bunnies in your backyard while you're showering. Cute, but weird.

At first I thought window film but that's too much for this antique window so I went to Target for a sheer yet no nakedness plastic curtain. I wasn't that impressed with any of their white options but then found this which happens to match the green in my shower curtain. And it was one of the cheapest options! That never happens with me.

The plan was cafe curtain for the bathroom. I wanted some light but privacy as well. The curtain is perfectly opaque so it works for cafe length. I took it in the bathroom to determine the length I needed. ThenI laid it out on the living room floor (which Isabelle went crazy over) and cut the excess off. Easy. I knew
I wouldn't use the entire width of the curtain but saved cutting that until I hung it up. I used a little tension rod and metal curtain hooks, also cheap and cheap. I cut off the other half of shower curtain (anyone need one?) and it was perfect. How much cuter is that?

I mean really:

Total Cost:
Shower Curtain- $10
Metal Hooks-$4
Tension Rod-$3

Final Cost: $17 and a huge sigh of relief :)

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