Thursday, July 8, 2010

summer's lease hath all too short a date

It's only July 8th but this has been such a great summer already. Trips to the pool, lunch with friends, summer concerts, and sleeping in have all been accomplished. I've been trying to take more pictures and should probably share them now before the big trip to Las Vegas for Heather's wedding. Soooo excited about Las Vegas and Heather's wedding! Here is a very consdensed version of my summer so far...
My brother and cousins were way excited for jumping in the pool photos. No self diving photos in here, my swim-team-dive isn't as exciting.

July means it's corn season and time to spend time in my grandmother's backyard playing with stray cats and running in between rows of sunflowers.
Oh, and Krispy Kreme created the Cheerwine doughnut. I live in Salisbury and this is kind of a big deal.
Isabelle and I are pretty content with not doing much during the day. We blame this on the heat.
Isabelle is also helping me pack for Las Vegas. I'm pretty sure she only wants me to pack her.


  1. Ha! Love the suitcase with ears! Where did you get that? Etsy?

  2. So how did the cheerwine doughnuts taste?!?

  3. They taste like cheerwine! It's weird though since it's frosting. And normally I'm not a filled doughnut fan but for the cause it was good.


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