Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mad Men Premiere Night!

In case you need to be caught up:

A few things I'm wondering about season 4:
Will Sally be forced any more into adulthood thanks to Don and Betty's lack of parenting skills?
(Remember when Grandpa Gene let her drive? ha!)

Will Sal come back and join the new company? They neeeed an art director! Plus, he needs to come back to deal with the confusion of his sexual orientation. And also, he's kinda my favorite.

Will Joan beat up on her husband some more? I have a feeling something will happen to him now that he's joined the army.

Will Peggy ever find a worthy enough mate? I love her but her choice in men is not the best. Her constant search for male approval kills me. Personally, I was always holding out for her and Father Gill. She's not one to be intimidated so it could have worked out. Well, if only her love child with Pete hadn't complicated matters.

This is sure to be an interesting season and I haven't even begin to think about how fabulous all of the clothes are going to be yet!

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