Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Wishlist

I've been saving up these pretty things for a long time. I believe that turning 25 is a good excuse to show them off!

1. Vintage Floral Dress from DearGoldenVintage
2. Countdown Heels from Seychelles
3. A Trip to the French Riveria inspired by
4. "I'll Swim to You" cute balloon diver card
5. Return Address Stamp-so pretty!- by Primele
6. Pretty Pretty Garland from Confetti System
7. St. Vincent Visual Mixtape Poster seen here


  1. Hmmm... None of these items will ship sooner than 2 weeks. And, I don't think that Visual Mixtape Poster is for sale. I could probably make one though. Also, does that dude know that music existed before 2004? "...25 of my favorite albums..." Really?!

  2. Ha, this list isn't for you anyhow! It's more a "wish"list I would buy myself. If buying birthday gifts for yourself wasn't entirely vain. When I first saw this poster I just saw one of them, but once I looked at the collection I thought the exact same thing! But I like the overall concept.


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