Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bathroom part deux

Here was my bathroom yesterday morning:
I don't even know where to start with all the things wrong with this bathroom. There are the shower doors, the ugly grey grout between the white tiles, the shower curtain over the window that has rusty blinds, not so attractive sink and vanity, and then you may notice the wall paper.
After living with this for a year and five months I'd finally decided to make some changes.

I'd contemplated this many times but finally HGTV convinced me that taking down shower doors was easy and with the assistance of only a screwdriver it was:

Only one screw to remove for the entire thing to come down!

So then after not knowing what to do next, I decide that while I'm at it I might as well see what's underneath the ugly beige and roses wallpaper. What I found was green wall paper and then real walls!

So with no shower curtain I ventured off to Target but couldn't make a decision there and then decided to go see if the nearest Anthropologie had any of their pretty curtains that were on sale online in the store. And they did! I could barely wait to get home to hang it up (I stopped back by Target and picked up a plastic liner curtain, shower rod, and pretty curtain hangers) and am very pleased with my purchase.

Next weekend hopefully I'll get the walls prepped and maybe even painted! And what to do with that window??

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  1. hey good for you with the remodel! so awesome! i can't wait to see the finished product... lovely shower curtain.


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