Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ms. Lankford wears skinny jeans!

That's what one of my students announced in the hallway one day recently where us teachers had the treat of wearing jeans. She was way too excited about it. But in the world of "teacher jeans" it could be rare sight (teacher jeans-sometimes almost as bad as mom jeans). Really I don't wear skinny jeans to school. They were my 2 year old (or older?) pair of Gap straight leg jeans but close enough. Until Monday I only owned 2 pairs of jeans. That pair and an even older (say college era even?) pair of Gap skinny jeans. I have to give the Gap some props for durable clothing since I have worn and washed these jeans who knows how many times by now. But really it was time for a new pair.

Gap jeans have always been the only pairs that worked for me. I used to try other stores, now I don't bother. I had seen a few pairs of the jean leggings on some other blogs and was thinking about those as well as some similar to my last pair. Then I found some with a zipper and despite them being way skinnier than my usual comfort level it was love at first try on.

And also the fact they were on sale and then on sale again at checkout made it even better. I didn't even see the legging pair til I was walking out of the store. I'm pretty sure I'll go back and try on a few more styles/pairs for another puchase as well. I need at least one more pair to last me the next 4 years or so.

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