Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slipper Time

I'm not a sock wearing kind of girl. Only if I'm going for a run or wearing boots, other than that I'm sock-less or in tights. However, two years ago I made a life changing purchase. Vera Wang cashmere slippers. My feet stayed in them all winter long. Then spring came, it warmed up, the sun came out and I noticed the cat hair all over them for the first time. So I threw them out. Next winter came and I made a new purchase of Vera Wang cashmere slippers. Well this time they were a little different and I thought more resilient to Isabelle fur but I still ended up throwing them out come spring. It's time again for slippers and last this time I want these: J.Crew knit ballet slippers.
I would swiffer my wood floor everyday to keep cat hair off of them!

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