Friday, December 31, 2010

two thousand eleven

I've yet to make a resolution I think I can stick to. Last year I kept my promise of only wearing skirts/dresses to work so I think I'll have to make something quirky like that so I can keep to it. 2010 was so good that I don't really know how to improve on it. Oh, but I did a new camera for Christmas so maybe something do do with more photos. In the mean time I'm excited to wear my New Year's dress tonight!

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  1. I love that your 2010 seems too good to top! (And by "seems" I mean that I know you will find a way to top it.) So many people (including me) are grouchy about the past year, so it's so refreshing to see someone unguardedly happy! (Especially because I love to see Taylor happy!) And, also, I just think Shirley Temple is ridiculously cute. Especially in that picture.


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