Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clear it Out

Today when I got home I petted the cat, unloaded my teacher bags and sat down to read some blogs. It's my little moment after a long day with 4th graders. I read Kendi's entry about her clean closet and glanced to the right into mine...

I love a good closet clear out.

I got up and got to work. Forget about how my legs can hardly move from doing the "Sexy Leg" 10 minute workout on demand the other night in my living room. Before I started though I decided to survey the scene. My house is a lot messier than usual after being here and there for the holidays and never really getting things back in their place. Evidence here:
This is my second bedroom/office.

My bed becomes a catch all for my work clothes when I get home and also my laundry that I'm too lazy to put up.
It also doubles for a cat bed/playground.

Here is the other side of the room. The chair becomes a coat hook and there is my New Year's Eve dress still hanging on the door.
I have the best closet ever. It's huge. Notice the wooden hangers. That was last winter's closet project.
See. It gives me shivers to look back at those plastic hangers.
And look at how many more dresses I have now. Whoa!
But back to my current closets issues. Missing shoes.
The top shelf is supposed to be for sweaters. Yeah, those are sweaters.

I had to stop to document my cute outfit today. That's my closet mirror,
Isabelle likes to hide behind the mirror. She waits for me to leave so she can...
tear up my old wicker hamper :(
Oh, yeah, the clothes piled everywhere were supposed to be dry cleaned.

My own bedroom wasn't looking so hot itself. Obviously I like sleeping with a lot of quilts.
The top of my dresser becomes a site for Jon's glasses of water and my tights. Unrelated.

After taking these photos I got to work. I've now removed everything from the floor of my closet. Clothes on the floor have been separated from clothes to clean and clothes to donate to my teenage cousins. Here it was in the middle of everything. More to come...

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