Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cabin Fever=Celeb Makeover

Somehow tonight I linked over to InStyle Magazine's site and then discovered this:

Hollywood Makeover. I love a good makeover show and since I'm preparing for Snow Day #3 I had little else to do. I used a photo that I took over a year and a half ago before my college roommate Kelsey's wedding. It worked well since my hair was longer at the time and I had it pulled back.

Here were my favorite celeb hairstyles on myself, I just realized my favorite hairstyles happened to come from 4 of my favorite actresses, coincidence?

Jennifer Connelly's braided updo.
I love braided updos but since my hair is shorter (though it was long in this photo but pulled back) and curly I've never tried it. So here is the only time it will happen. This looks like it actually could be my hair though.
Ginnifer Goodwin's pixie cut.
I've always wanted to cut my hair this short. No clue as to what my curls would do but I really love this style. Of course my hair color would be different too which I think is the only thing I dislike about this photo.
Carey Mulligan's short pixie cut.
Similar to Ginnifers but with more bangs and a cute headband. I like this one a lot too.
Natalie Portman updo.
This one is more realistic if my hair was straight for a day and highlighted and longer...

Hmm...now I want to get my hair cut off. I am not one to shy away from the scissors. I've gone from long to a short bob several times over the years. It drives me crazy when girls are afraid of a haircut. At worst, it grows back ladies!

This one's for you Jon:
The Zooey Deschanel look. Sigh, is it weird that we both have a crush on her?

Here is one I will have to pass up on:

Lady Gaga's platinum bow.


  1. Love the pixie cuts! Then again, you do make a super sexy Lady Gaga....

  2. I actually thought that first one was your hair!

  3. No. It's not weird that we both have a crush on her. I don't think that hair looks right with your face though. I like the curls. :)


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