Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mrs. Wicked

When I told my 3rd graders last year I was getting married, they soon wanted to know what my new name would be.  I told them Wicker, and several minutes later one of my girls raised her hand and said very matter-of-factly, "Well, if your students think you are mean they can call you Mrs. Wicked."

Umm...hadn't thought of that yet.

Where is this heading you ask?  My new favorite nail polish-  essie's Wicked.

I'm pretty much a red nail polish girl.  I have way too many shades of red.  Sometimes I'll pick out a new color at the store only to get home and realize it's the same color I already have.  When I purchased Essie's holiday collection as a Christmas gift to myself (doesn't everyone do that?) I was most wanting to try out the darkest shade in the bunch.

I finally got to it last weekend and must say I'm loving this shade.  It is kinda sexy.  It took a few coats but the dark, almost black shade reminds me of a big glass of malbec. What could be wrong with that?!  It's definitely more of a winter shade but I'm happy to retire my bright reds for as long as it keeps snowing.

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