Sunday, October 27, 2013

Because this will make up for the last 2 years

Ignore the fact that I've not posted in forever.  Here's the short version: I moved to the city (Charlotte, not anything too crazy), started teaching at a new school, got engaged to Jon(!), and had the most perfect wedding last month  (!!!).  I thought about blogging every little wedding detail during the planning but didn't want to be that girl.  I'll share some details sometime soon when all the photos come back.  Can't wait for that.

I haven't frequented Etsy too often since the wedding but today I was browsing and had to stop to post this.  I've not dressed up for Halloween since college but I still love browsing costumes. So, that led me somehow to this:

Cat Mermaid Costume- because every cat will love lounging around in a fish tail that it can't eat.

Who knew a cat wearing a knitted mermaid costume could break the non-blogging streak?

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