Monday, February 14, 2011


It's Valentine's Day. Luckily, I got to celebrate all weekend. Dinner with Jon on Saturday night, Sunday brunch, Creme Brulee and the Grammy's last night (yay Arcade Fire!) and then to top it off I got roses delivered to my classroom today! He surprised me :) My kids were crazy excited. "Her husband...NOOO...her BOYFRIEND!" I think to them me having a boyfriend is a lot more interesting than a husband.

Isabelle has even been in an extra loving mood today. Maybe because I keep telling her Happy Valentine's. She of course understands what that means. I never shared this pic of my new rug. She always rolls around on it when I come home from work (or anywhere) and sits on it sadly when I leave. So it's message was very befitting:
Happy Valentine's :)

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