Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a bit resentful

No American Girl Doll
Your parents wouldn’t buy you an American Girl doll because $80 is a ridiculous price to pay for a toy, which would then inevitably lead to the purchase of multiple accessories ranging from the overpriced ($18 for “Winter Accessories,” consisting of tiny doll mittens and a hat), to the exorbitant ($56 for an “Ice Cream Set,” consisting of tiny plastic scoops of ice cream), to the highway robbery ($349 for a “doll’s chest,” a.k.a. tiny wooden box).

You grew up to be financially independent, level-headed, unspoiled, and still just a little bit resentful whenever you walk by American Girl Place.

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I used to look through the American girl catalogues all the time but I never remember asking for one. I'm pretty sure if it was on my Christmas list I probably would have gotten one at some point but I lusted in secret. Really none of the dolls fit my personality/look. I think I wanted Samantha since she had brown hair but enjoyed the Felicity books the best. In fact I stole a Felicity book from the library. That's right, I checked it out and never returned it. I'm not sure which American Girl would have done that.

Really, what I wanted more than the doll was the costumes you could buy so you could match their clothes. I mean who wouldn't want to wear Kirsten's St. Lucia Christmas getup. My best childhood friend had Kirsten and I was so jealous that she had a doll that (I thought at the time) looked just like her. But she had a Molly too so guess who I got to be?!?

Didn't every girl in the early to mid nineties want an American Girl doll?

*During a short visit to the American Girls website I see that Felicity, Samantha, and Kirsten have been discontinued :( How will girls today ever learn of the American Revolution, growing up a rich orphan during the Victorian era, or being a Swedish immigrant in Minnesota. Bad move American Girl!

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