Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Field Day Dress

Today was Field Day at my school. The long awaited day was even more long awaited since 3rd-5th grade did not go out until 12:10. Try keeping 16 (2 kids absent on field day!?) focused while they can hear screaming little kids and see the bouncy house from the classroom window. Not happening.

Anyhow, of course I wore a dress. I was really thinking yesterday about wearing some gym shorts and a tank top but then was inspired to go to Old Navy after work yesterday to see if they had any cute (and school appropriate) shorts. Instead I found a gauzy field day dress. It turned out to be a good pick and combined with my flouncy straw hat I stayed relatively cool. My third graders however, complained every other minute...

Oh, and a few of my girls told me my hat looked like an old lady. I kinda took that as a compliment.

Dress-old navy $30, Hat-(similar to this)$18

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  1. I laughed out loud about your girls telling you that you looked like an old lady. I don't know that I've gotten that one before, although I've gotten a slew of although-without-malice backhanded compliments from my kids. (Okay, the kid who looked me in my face while I was helping him with a math problem and said, "Eww, shouldn't you be wearing makeup?" had some malice behind it. I was indeed make-uped.) I have a pretty kind class this year though. I have one kid that told me I looked like "a beautiful detective" every time I wore my long wool coat in the winter.


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