Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Day #3

For Snow Day #1 and 2 I stayed in mostly besides the grocery store and coffee. I was working on a cake which also meant I had to stay in. Today was an optional workday but after being inspired by a few fellow teachers' statuses on facebook I decided I wasn't going in. Instead, I had a lovely afternoon out which started off with my favorite lunch at Hap's.

Then I wondered down to the antique store and picked up these little lovelies:


They even seem to shine up my worn out black flats that I was wearing to run around downtown in. I found a few other great pieces that I'm going to be working on transforming coming up soon.

My facebook friend had said she was going to go see a movie on her optional workday so I decided to do the same and was pleasantly surprised to see that "The Young Victoria" was playing in town! I'm a sucker for period films and especially ones that have been nominated for an Oscar for best costumes. I wasn't disappointed! She was is a bit of a fashion icon after all being that she set the trend for brides to wear white wedding gowns. And the hair accessories...sigh...
A scene from the movie The Young Victoriawedding

Although I'm sure it will be back to work tomorrow, I could really get used to having a day like today more often. Once a month wouldn't be too much to ask would it?

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